Technical translations with the experience and care of those who know the business

Technical translation—in any area—requires experience and consolidated knowledge of the subject matter in order for the customer to feel comfortable delivering their documentation for translation.

The needs of the customer are also of vital importance, which is only possible with well defined processes, technological support and constant training.

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Traduções técnicas com a experiência e o cuidado de quem conhece o ofício

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    A tradução técnica é peça essencial no quebra-cabeças da internacionalização de empresas.

    Technical translation is a vital piece in the puzzle of company internationalization. Whether translating technical documents to deliver to local authorities, or catalogs for export, we are your ideal long-term partner.

    • Service: a single qualified contact to assist you, from understanding the requirements, and until the service contracted is completed;
    • People: a proactive team, highly qualified and well trained in the main functions of translation, revision, proofreading and project management;
    • Processes: quality standards such as ISO 9001 and management tools;
    • Technology: pioneer in the use of support tools for translators such as translation memories and integrated glossaries;
    • In-house services: in addition to translation, document formatting, audio transcript and subtitle services are also done internally, enabling quality control;
    • After sales: Exceptional after sales services particularly at critical times, when the customer may ask for modifications or additions to the scope.

    Segments Served

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Varendi's first area of work (see details below).

    Distance Learning

    Video translation and transcription, including subtitles and slides.

    Financial and Banks

    Financial operations, internal banking processes.

    IT and Technology

    IT interfaces and current technology topics in general.

    HR and Training

    Support for HR departments, including training, documentation and certifications.

    Contracts and Administration

    International contracts, company bylaws and administrative documents in general.

    Technical Pharmaceutical Translation

    Tradução Técnica Farmacêutica

    We are very proud to talk about technical translation for the pharmaceutical industry. Varendi Translation was founded in 1989 under the name of “Intercom Technical Translation”, by four siblings-three doctors and one engineer. For decades we focused on serving the pharmaceutical industry and this has given us enormous experience and know-how to meet the specific requirements of the sector.

    Even today, the majority of Varendi's work is for the pharmaceutical industry. With continuous updating of the extensive translation data banks and glossaries over the years, Varendi has become a benchmark for the sector.

    All this, in conjunction with the differentials in people, processes and technology, make Varendi the ideal partner for pharmaceutical companies who are meticulous regarding their deliveries, in particular, authorities from the health sector.

    Common questions

    Is Varendi Translation the ideal partner for my business?

    This is the most important question at the beginning of any partnership. If your company operates in the technical and scientific fields, then the answer is a big “YES”. Varendi Translation, founded in 1989 under the name of “Intercom Technical Translations” by three doctors and an engineer, has always worked in technical areas. Our objective is to leave the customer at ease when it comes to translations. Just to give a couple of examples, our customers have never been questioned about our translations during approval processes (ANVISA, Inter-Ministerial Committee on Global Climate Change etc., as examples in the government sector). A quick search on the Internet or chat with colleges in the sector can also confirm the customer service, punctuality, and quality of Varendi Translation.

    In what technical areas does Varendi Translations have the most experience?

    Varendi Translation has experience, and has invested and developed specific glossaries for some areas since 1989. The main area - due to the medical specialization of the founders - is the area of Life Sciences (basically, the pharmaceutical industry, which includes veterinary, as well as diagnostics and medical equipment). Other areas in which we have developed expertise over the years are Distance Learning, HR and Training, Finance and Bank Services, IT and Technology, General Administration and Contracts.

    What technical translation areas does Varendi Translation work with?

    Varendi Translation can work in any technical or scientific area. We are able to seek out specific technicians for larger jobs, and we are able to shorten the learning curve by creating glossaries (based on the customer’s documentation). Another way to accelerate the adaptation (refer to FAQ on adaptation) is to process documents previously translated by the customer to input in our knowledge base (as if we had translated them), so that we can use them as a reference.

    How does Varendi Translation adapt to a new customer?

    Every new customer has their own process and always has something to teach us. We work to make the learning phase as quick as possible. Adaptation could take days (for customers who already have an organized base of translated documents and/or glossaries) or a few weeks for customers who do not have or prefer to not make previous translations available to us. Meetings could be necessary in some specific cases, until the customer is comfortable in assigning new jobs to Varendi. What is important is that based on our experience we will strive to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    How about the bureaucratic part of a new contract with Varendi Translation?

    We believe that the only reasonable approach is for us to adapt to the Purchasing processes established by the customer. For us, we only need basic information, and we will be able to start a partnership. In general, our customers are solid multinational companies, who have different purchasing and work approval processes, sometimes with their own platforms. We will comply with the internal process in order to continue with a long and favorable partnership.

    How does Varendi Translation approach Quality?

    Beyond a mere marketing word, “quality” is the direct result of the processes implemented, supported by trained, technical people. We write and follow our quality process, which are based on generally accepted translation and quality standards. We also adapt them for new customers and new customer situations, and train our staff, who are dedicated to quality. Technology, such as translation management systems (Plunet), and translation memories (Trados, MemoQ, etc.) are essential tools to attain excellent quality and deadlines.

    Is my translation done by a single translator?

    No translation standard (for example, ISO 17100) accepts that a technical translation is handled by a single professional. This makes sense, since it is better to have more than one “pair of eyes” to take care of your project. A house may be built by one person - but a good house never is. Likewise, the translation of a short document will involve a multidisciplinary team of at least two to four people, in addition to the Project Manager. All this in addition to the quality/after-sales and administration staff.

    Does machine translations work well?

    The history of machine translations with computers began in approximately 1949 and has evolved significantly during the 2000’s. However, it was only around 2010 that a more intelligent (“neural”) model to translate languages appeared. Natural language, with its diverse contexts, remains a challenge to be able to produce a professional grade translation. For example, it is impossible to use machine translation for marketing documents. However, machine translations has specific applications (with controlled language) where it helps to shorten deadlines. Far from just pressing a button, it also has a specific ISO standard (ISO 18587). It is important to remember that any machine translation should be used responsibly and with discretion, and will always require a professional revision by human specialists. Except in cases with critical deadlines, Varendi Translation still believes in better outcomes from translations done by specialized humans, and for the time being, that is what we prefer to use whenever possible.

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