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Thank you for applying to work with Varendi Translation. Varendi has been serving the translation market since 1989, originally under the trademarks Intercom Traduções Técnicas and Celera Traduções

Basic information

Contact information, type of service offered, and tax status.

    Languages, Productivity, and Price

    Productivity (no. of words per day, for translation or revision); price per word (base: no-match words)

    Professional Experience

    List at least three jobs that you have completed or long-term experience. Do not mention the customer’s name – just a description of the type of document. Examples: “Portuguese-English engineering manuals 8 years ago, with more than 15,000 pages” OR “various financial reports over 2 years as a staff translator, roughly 3,000 words per day” etc. It is important to indicate a total number of words or number of months/years of experience.

    Education, courses, and certificates

    Indicate at least one relevant education program and/or course/certificate for your work. It is important to indicate the duration of the course if it is not a higher education/recognized program


    You may include additional information here (such as Interpretation services or experience in other relevant areas), complementary data, and explanations or further information on any previous item.

    Application sent

    Thank you for your interest in being part of Varendi!
    We will respond to you shortly.

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